Season Of Treason – The US political establishment has openly sold out the country

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Congress has proven over the years that it is a creeping theater of tyranny.

Following the impeachment shutdown on the Senate floor. Our hijacked Congress went into overdrive.

While our national debt hits 35 Trillion Dollars. Billions upon billions of dollars the United States doesn’t have was sent to be washed under the guise of foreign interests. Looting the treasury of a dying currency that may have lost its last chance to begin patching up the gaping holes of U.S. national security, sabotaged supply lines, and an illegal alien ransacked welfare system.

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Instead, hard earned American tax dollars were sent overseas by the ugliest group of wrathful lecherous pig beings the United States has ever endured inside the people’s house. These names that voted no are all that remain of those that recognize the limitations of our Constitutional Republic.

The Democrats enslave the minds of their constituents through fear and disinformation. While the Republicans play the Hegelian dialectic off of the minds of patriots who were expecting results. Resulting in a slow burn of gridlock. A uniparty playing their roles in order to inflate their fiat currency flush bank accounts. Selling out America with every back door deal they broker. Complete fools, only to eventually retire to an America they destroyed.

Hey Congress….snap out of it. Americans see right through your self righteous hubris. Voting you out isn’t enough. We all know the game is rigged. Even those that fight for us are drowned out by the weight of bureaucratic corruption.

America, we must build a device to hold these scumbags accountable. If Congress wants to game the system. Then the American people will use that game against them. There are millions of us.

Ask yourself how easy would it be to unleash lawfare on the sitting ducks in the Country Club in Washington D.C.? Taking one down after another every time they vote on legislation that corrodes our founding principles?