Smash the CIA

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Killary takes tens of millions of dollars from the Saudi head choppers and other medieval theocratic dictatorships; her close relationship with said regimes is well known – it’s not even any sort of secret, and yet the establishment controlled puppet whore presstitute mainstream media never suggest that she is a bought and paid for “foreign agent”. However, with zero proof the very same presstitute mainstream media are launching a relentless black propaganda campaign against Trump, smearing him as a “Kremlin agent” or a puppet of Putin. So, it’s clear who is the real #fakenews

And now, the CIA have openly joined the establishment’s anti-Trump agenda, they have uncloaked, they have emerged from the shadows, to reveal what we knew all along: the CIA is the establishment’s Praetorian Guard. The establishment is the CIA, and vice versa, they exist symbiotically, each feeding off the other in some perverse and evil meglomanical madness obsessed with full spectrum dominance – their fantasically pathetic “New World Order”. The CIA is the NWO’s secret army.

Over many decades the CIA have embedded their operatives within mainstream media, and they have been so successful that their NWO agenda now completely defines the narrative – and was set to continue apace with the presumed election of Hillary Clinton.

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However, Trump’s victory has thrown the NWO’s plans into utter disarray, for the first time since JFK their agenda is seriously under threat.

Now Trump must realise JFK’s words, he must smash the CIA into a thousand pieces.