Take This Offer OR ELSE!” – Antony Blinken  l Biden DESPERATE To Protect Netanyahu From The Hague!

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Reports are emerging that Israel has extended a possible peace deal to Hamas, offering the possibilty of a temporary ceasefire in exchange for the release of all the hostages being held in Gaza. Biden administration Secretary of State Antony Blinken has described the offer as “extraordinarily generous,” although as The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal points out, accepting the deal would undermine everything Hamas hoped to accomplish with the audacious October 7 attacks.

The Biden administration is reportedly highly concerned that the International Criminal Court in The Hague will soon issue warrants for the arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu and other high level members of the Israeli government. Although the likelihood that Netanyahu et al could ever be placed in the dock at The Hague is vanishingly small, the mere warrants would represent a huge blow to Israeli leadership and the Jewish state’s international standing.

Guest host Russell Dobular is joined by Jimmy, Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger, Due Dissidence co-host Keaton Weiss and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal to discuss why the ICC might legitimately go after Netanyahu over the Gaza genocide.

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