The crew of the Alyosha tank, which defeated Ukrainian column, will be receive “Heroes of Russia”award

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Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu presented the crew of the Alyosha tank, which defeated a column of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction, for awarding the titles of heroes of Russia, the military department reported.

According to the ministry, the fighters destroyed eight units of enemy equipment in that battle.

“In the first minutes of the battle, gunner-operator Alexei Neustroev destroyed both enemy T-72B tanks with well-aimed fire. In the next 30 minutes, one M113 armored personnel carrier and five American-made MaxxPro armored personnel carriers were destroyed, along with the troops,” the ministry said.

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After the destruction of the last enemy vehicle, the tank crew continued to cover the motorized rifle units unfolding in battle formations for about 40 minutes.

When the Alyosha ran out of ammunition, the crew commander Rasim Baksikov decided to go to reload, and another tank was sent to the battlefield.

“After firing three shots at the advancing infantry, the second tank was damaged by enemy artillery fire. Quickly navigating the situation and realizing that the crew of the wrecked combat vehicle needed immediate assistance, Senior Lieutenant Rasim Baksikov, together with his crew, decided to evacuate the damaged tank from the line of contact to a safe place,” the ministry said.

The fighters towed the second car under the incessant shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and rescued the crew of the wrecked tank.

“In total, during the battle, the enemy’s losses, in addition to destroyed equipment, amounted to more than a hundred militants killed and wounded,” the ministry said.

According to the department, before this battle, the crew of the Alyosha tank under the command of Senior Lieutenant Rasim Baksikov came under massive artillery fire, in which the driver was wounded. The commander evacuated the wounded soldier from the combat vehicle and provided him with first aid. Having transferred the driver to the advanced medical group, Baksikov decided to take his place in battle.

In turn, Lieutenant Alexander Levakov, assessing the situation, decided to replace the wounded crew member and took the workplace of the tank commander, after which he moved in the direction of the positions of the Russian motorized rifle regiment to support the defenders.

“On the way to one of the settlements, Lieutenant Levakov found eight units of enemy equipment, including two tanks, in one of the nearest forest belts. After assessing the situation, Senior Lieutenant Baksikov made a decision and immediately entered into battle with superior enemy forces. Thanks to the skillful management of the combat vehicle and the competent use of terrain conditions for covert movement, reaching the firing line of the Russian tank came as a surprise to the enemy,” the Defense Ministry said.

Performing the duties of a driver, Rasim Baksikov skillfully maneuvered on the battlefield and supervised the work of the crew. Lieutenant Alexander Levakov, being in the place of the commander, quickly and competently transmitted target designation to the gunner and directed the fire of the tank.

As reported in the department, the battle itself happened in the Zaporozhye direction in June.

At the end of July, a video of this collision, filmed from a UAV, was widely circulated on the Web.

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