The Hybrid War Of Terror On America Was Decades In The Making

The spree of urban terrorism that’s exploded in the
US over the past week wasn’t a spontaneous outburst of unrest but part
of the decades-long Hybrid War of Terror on America that finally turned
kinetic in the run-up to Trump’s possible re-election, and an analysis
of the origins and gradual development of this conflict could provide a
clearer picture of the course that it might take in the coming months.

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A Review Of Recent Events

forces inside the US are waging a Hybrid War of Terror on America, one
that’s been decades in the making but finally turned kinetic in the
run-up to Trump’s prospective re-election. For those readers who aren’t
familiar with the author’s earlier work on this topic, they’re requested
to read or at least skim through the following articles in order to
obtain an understanding of his interpretation of contemporary events
that will frame the present analysis about their origins and their
prospective development across the course of this year:

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oversimplify, domestic terrorist groups led on the ground primarily by
the largely decentralized Antifa network are doing everything they can
to encourage angry African-Americans to carry out a nationwide crime
wave together with acts of urban terrorism so as to increase the
likelihood of them getting killed en masse by the police, National
Guard, and/or military as the next step in provoking a “race race”, the
resultant chaos of which could then be exploited to advance their
ideological agenda of “revolution”.

Education Or Indoctrination?

happening in America today took decades to get to this point since
ordinary Americans wouldn’t otherwise react the way that many of them
regrettably are unless they were truly enraged at something so intensely
to put others’ lives and their own in danger through wanton acts of
urban terrorism. Their worldview wasn’t shaped in a day, but over
decades, and that initially began in the educational system which was
gradually subverted by left-wing radicals to the point where almost all college professors today
identify with this ideology or one of its variants. They indoctrinated
several generations of Americans “across the color spectrum” into
believing that their country is a “racist dictatorship” profiting off of
“economic injustice”. There’s definitely some truth to the general
point that America is imperfect like all countries are, with its own
particular systemic challenges that have made life difficult for some
categories of folks more so in the past than in the present day, but
that truth has been manipulated in order to radicalize the population
according to certain triggers that most directly affect each identity
demographic (e.g. racism and the criminal justice system for
African-Americans, “reverse-racism” for Caucasians, feminism for women,
corruption for the vast majority of the people, etc.).

Trotskyist Terror

observation makes it relevant to discuss the influence of Trotskyist
thought, which in this context simply refers to the concept of a
so-called “permanent revolution“.
There’s nothing wrong with the idea of continual improvement, but it’s
been exploited by radical left-wing ideologies in order to promote the
Machiavellian mantra that “the ends justify the means”. That said end is
what its adherents truly believe (whether on their own or due to mental
manipulation by “vanguard” elements of “the movement”) to be a “better
world” for everyone, hence why they think that morality has no place
when it comes to means. Thus, even acts of urban terrorism and the
tricking of “useful idiots” into being slaughtered are “acceptable”.
“The movement” does everything in its power to ensure that “the cause”
is always on everyone’s minds so that nobody ever forgets about it but
is instead always incited into becoming ever more radicalized so that
their anger can then be “constructively” (or rather, destructively)
channeled in the direction of their greater goal. Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals“,
which he dedicated to “the first radical” Lucifer (Satan) in order to
emphasize the amorality of his Machiavellian methods, provides perfect
insight into the typical “revolutionary’s” mindset.

Relativism & Deconstructivism

of the ways through which the educational establishment has
indoctrinated Americans has been to have them relativize and deconstruct
their society, though not in a purely objective manner (if one can even
be applied in theory), but along the lines of whatever will portray
“the movement’s” “cause” as “good/legitimate” and the existing
system/establishment/everything else as “bad/illegitimate”. That’s not
to say that relativism and deconstructivism aren’t useful to practice,
but just to point out that they’re one of the more popular means through
which generations have been manipulated, with the effects cumulatively
building to the point where each generation becomes more radicalized
than their predecessors. This is made possible not only by the
“perfecting” of such “perception management” techniques, but also by
indoctrinated parents forcing their children to believe the same things
that they do, thus giving them an “ideological boost” from an early age
that they themselves didn’t have and which could make them radicalize
faster and more intensely than they ever did. Convinced of the validity
of their worldview and the supposed “necessity” of “revolution”, these
mass-produced “foot soldiers” then demand maximalist outcomes and
unconditional surrenders.

“The Long March Through The Institutions”

The next factor to focus on is the concept of “the long march through the institutions
which seeks to embed “revolutionaries” and their “fellow travelers”
(ideological sympathizers who might not be as radicalized as the
first-mentioned) into various institutions beyond just the educational
one. In practice, this most often takes the form of embedding them in
influential places like the church, the media, and “Big Tech”, to say
nothing of all levels of government: local/state/federal and
executive/legislative/judicial. The purpose is to slowly take control of
the state and society without arousing too much suspicion, but as the
infiltration begins to succeed, certain signs become visible once these
individuals feel comfortable enough in their positions to start actively
shaping the country through relevant policies. This also sometimes
takes the form of “politically flamboyant” personalities becoming
popular in society for their outspoken views such as Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of “the squad” alongside their “fellow
travelers” in “Big Tech” like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey among others for
example. The end result is that society realizes that influential people
harbor what had previously (and rightly) been considered to be radical
ideologies, which contributes to gradually changing the national

Gramsci’s “Cultural Hegemony”

Interwar Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci is credited with pioneering the concept of “cultural hegemony
whereby he basically asserted that “revolutions” can increase their
chance of success by capturing the national culture through various
means. Nowadays this is seen not only in the public faces of some people
who have completed “the long march through the institutions”
(especially in the media), but also especially among celebrities. The
outcome is that a certain so-called “political correctness” creeps in
which pressures individuals to censor themselves from expressing any
beliefs that don’t conform with what’s wrongly presented to be the
“majority consensus” even though it’s more often than not still only the
view of the radical but influential minority. This doesn’t always
relate to the purely economic foundations of leftism either but
increasingly takes the form of what critics have described as “Cultural Marxism“,
or the attempted application of leftism’s common denominator of
“equality” into the cultural sphere, which purely economic leftists
decry as ideological heresy that discredits their ideas. Consequently,
they refuse to associate with that term and those that use it despite
many “Cultural Marxists” proudly espousing leftist economic views as

“Ideological Subversion”

In parallel with these previously mentioned processes is what KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov described during a 1985 interview
as “ideological subversion”. It’s unimportant that he attributed this
strategy to the USSR (whether rightly or wrongly) since it can be
applied by any ideologically motivated network irrespective of
partisanship that doesn’t necessarily have to be state-backed. The four
phases of “ideological subversion” are demoralization (making the
majority skeptical of the status quo and feeling seemingly powerless to
resist the “revolutionaries”), destabilization (a series of incidents
that radicalize people and precondition the population to expect a
crisis), crisis (the “trigger event” for catalyzing the most active and
usually violent part of the campaign), and normalization (“the new
normal” once the “revolutionaries” seize complete power even if they
don’t officially proclaim victory in the event that they succeeded in
secret). As everything that’s been discussed thus far in the analysis
unfolds, the “Overton Window
shifts whereby what was previously considered radical is now seen as
“normal” and the “old normal” becomes the “new radical” that’s then
presented by the “drivers of change” as the “dangerous fringe” that
society must continue moving away from.

From Destabilization To Crisis

phased transition from destabilization to crisis is facilitated by
structural preconditioning such as the deliberate mental and economic
hardships brought about by the Democrat Governors’ decisions to impose
strict COVID-19 lockdowns and the propagandizing of provocative
narratives throughout society via the media such as the viral videos of
police brutality against African-Americans. The first-mentioned makes
the population more desperate and therefore increasingly likely to
directly participate in the physical manifestation of the “revolution”
even if they were previously having second doubts and preferred to only
be “fellow travelers” (passive supporters). The second, meanwhile,
incites the “revolutionary vanguard” (the role of which some
participants such as criminally inclined African-Americans today aren’t
even conscious that they’re playing) into a rage that triggers their
prior amoral programming by reminding them that “the ends justify the
means” even if it’s only to opportunistically take advantage of the
forthcoming crisis for selfish reasons like looting. Taken together,
this further the “conscious vanguard’s” cause of chaos that’ll enter
into effect upon the commencement of the crisis.

Color Revolution Chaos

ongoing kinetic phase of the Hybrid War of Terror on America couldn’t
have been possible had it not been for the uncontrollable proliferation
of the same Color Revolution tactics and strategies that the US
government invented over nearly the past two decades then subsequently
spread across the internet. It was therefore only a matter of time
before “revolutionaries” at home began to apply the same methods against
the US government itself in a completely expected twist of fate. The
author’s work from half a decade ago about “The Color Revolution Model: An Exposé Of The Core Mechanics” explains these processes at length, while his book from around the same time about “Hybrid Wars: The Indirect Adaptive Approach To Regime Change
explains the phased transition from Color Revolutions (weaponized
protests) to Unconventional Wars (terrorism). In short, the terrorist
phase begins to emerge after the security services’ reaction to violent
protests is caught on camera but deceptively decontextualized and
misportrayed. The edited footage is then propagated throughout society
to escalate the self-sustaining cycle of unrest by delegitimizing the
said security services and their government, which further radicalizes
the population into passively or actively supporting terrorism.

Strategic Escalations

kinetic (physical, violent) phase of the decades-long Hybrid War of
Terror on America is greatly aided by the “fellow travelers” who
completed their “long march through the institutions” of government,
specifically the Democrats in charge of local municipalities and various
states. Many of them refuse to order the police and National Guard
respectively to properly respond to the Color Revolution for two primary
reasons. The first is to radicalize the majority of the population
that’s against this destruction so as to precondition them into
expecting a “race war”, while the second is to then reinforce the
perception of Trump as a “fascist dictator” to the already radicalized
“revolutionaries” and their “fellow travelers” once he’s forced to take
control of the National Guard and/or dispatch the military with the
authority to use lethal force at their discretion to quell the unrest.
That seemingly inevitable development will lead to the previously
described decontextualization of such a response through edited footage
that would become more “credible” to many if the “fellow traveling”
peaceful protesters voluntarily use themselves as “human shields” to
protect the urban terrorists among them, thus sacrificing themselves for
“the cause” as “martyrs” whose deaths will be blamed on Trump

Insubordination & Defection

long march through the institutions” also seeks to infiltrate the
security services even though they’re typically the most resilient, but
the “sleeper cells” among them and their media allies can attempt to get
their “moderate” colleagues to seriously consider refusing to fulfill
their professional duty to restore law and order, especially if they’re
pressured not to “kill their own people” (an oft-abused phrase regularly
employed by the US government to delegitimize those foreign governments
targeted by its history of Hybrid Wars and which lethally respond to
these external provocations in self-defense). “Dog whistles” are already
being blown in this respect by former Defense Secretary Mattis and Espers
the incumbent one who have both contradicted the President to different
degrees regarding his plans to reestablish law and order. This
increases the likelihood that the aforesaid “sleeper cells” can deploy
other bespoke information warfare narratives against their “fellow”
members of the security services such as imploring them to “obey the
Constitution and not the fascist dictator who’s ordering the illegal use
of force against peaceful protesters out of self-interested political
desperation to prevent his inevitable toppling by the people”. If
successful, then the result this devious information warfare operation
could be game-changing.

Electoral Context

impossible to ignore the fact that the ongoing Hybrid War of Terror on
America is occurring in the run-up to the November elections. The
Minneapolis “trigger event” (which might be one of many up the seemingly
never-ending escalation ladder) wasn’t planned but something of the
sort might have been had that not happened in order to catalyze the
current chaos. The timing is extremely strategic because it’s intended
to totally destabilize the country ahead of its pivotal vote that might
prospectively hand Trump his final term, after which he’d be completely
“unchained” without any future electoral considerations whatsoever to
pursue his own promised “revolutionary” agenda that threatens to reverse
the leftists’ “march through the institution” (“draining the
swamp”/”fighting the deep state”) in as radical of a manner as he’d
want. To stop him, they hope to “hack” the election by exploiting this
chaos to convince more people to vote Democrat, but as an “insurance
policy”, they also plan to use mail-in ballots in order to steal the
election. Should they fail to do that and he’s not overthrown beforehand
in a military coup, then they’ll likely intensify their Hybrid War on
the basis that he supposedly “stole the election” following the
narrative that the US itself used against so many targets abroad over
the years.

Global Importance

whole world is watching what happens because of the global importance
that the outcome of this conflict will undoubtedly have. It shouldn’t be
forgotten that it’s occurring in the midst of what the author
previously described as World War C, which refers to the full-spectrum
paradigm-changing processes unfolding as a result of every government’s
response to the COVID-19 global pandemic that readers can learn more
about here, here, and here. In accordance with the precepts of Stephen Mann’s “Chaos Theory And Strategic Thought“,
the initial conditions at the onset of any complex process will
disproportionately influence their outcome (“the butterfly effect”), so
even Trump’s possible victory might only be a Pyrrhic one when it comes
to America’s global standing in the emerging Multipolar World Order
depending on how much damage is done domestically during the course of
this conflict. Another point to keep in mind is that he’s also the
leader of the worldwide nationalist/anti-globalism movement so the onset
of the kinetic phase of this Hybrid War sends a strong message to other
like-minded leaders that something similar could also happen to them at
any time too unless they were more successful than the US was in
stopping “the long march through the institutions”.

Concluding Thoughts

ongoing phase of the Hybrid War of Terror on America can be
conceptualized as the explosion of a long-ticking time bomb similar in
effect to what happened a generation ago in the USSR after US-backed
nationalist “revolutionaries” there succeeded in destroying it from
within using almost identical means. This observation speaks to the fact
that such methods aren’t exclusive to any given ideology but vary
depending upon the targeted state’s unique socio-economic and political
characteristics, which could in the future be more easily identified and
tracked using the strategic insight obtained by “Big Data” operations
such as the one that Cambridge Analytica was notoriously accused of.

that this is a conflict that was decades in the making, it won’t be
resolved anytime soon, especially since the “revolutionary” side is
convinced that “the ends justify the means”, which makes the use of
terrorism against their “fellow” Americans “acceptable” to them.
Although every government in the world officially condemns this method
of warfare which doesn’t have any ideology, race, religion, nationality,
or borders, many of them and their compatriots are more than happy to
watch the havoc that this Hybrid War will wreak for purely ideological
reasons pertaining to their hatred for the American government
(irrespective of whether or not that hatred is justified) even though
the majority of victims will likely be innocent people of all “colors”.

hypocritical position is explained by the fact that those abroad sense
that this conflict is an “historical opportunity” to knock the US “out
of the game” once and for all, and by none other than its own Hybrid War
means that it so eagerly used to employ against almost everyone else in
one way or another. For this self-interested reason, they might even
intensify their information warfare against the US in order to embolden
the “revolutionaries” and “demoralize” the average American that’s
against this reign of terror by trying to convince them
that they “deserve” all of this because they pay taxes to “fund the
evil empire” for what it does overseas in their name without their
knowledge or permission. Some of these average Americans will almost
certainly submit, but tens of millions of others probably won’t go down
without a fight, even if it’s to the death.