The Russians Entered Vovchansk | Krasnohorivka Has Collapsed | Military Summary

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In the Kharkiv region, Russian forces have made further territorial gains and have now reached the last village before Lyptsi. In the area around Vovchansk in the Kherson region, the fighting has moved into the city center, prompting the police to evacuate all citizens due to the intense battles currently taking place. An investigation has been launched against the 125th Brigade of the Ukrainian forces for abandoning their positions without orders. Due to the high pressure from Russian forces, a large number of soldiers had to be transferred to the Kharkiv region to stabilize the situation. In Krasnogorovka, the Russians have succeeded in capturing the entire eastern part of the city, creating a critical situation for the Ukrainian defenders. The first geolocation from Chasiv Yar today confirms that the Russians are also making progress there. The situation along the entire front remains tense.