The Tyrannical Twitter Clown Show

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The fired treasonous clowns of Twitter faced a Republican majority House Oversight Committee, and it was rife with fireworks.

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Democrats essentially protected their donor class cabal in Silicon Valley no matter the damage it causes the Republic, while Republicans bore down on the ugly truth, uncovering layers of manipulation by a deep state unleashing its control over American Free Speech.

As the questioning continued, the ex-executives gradually revealed that either they were lying to Congress, which could land them each up to 5 years in prison, or the real culprits behind the scenes had not yet been called as witnesses.

At the end of the hearing it was clear that the Democrat’s and mockingbird media’s campaign of learned helplessness foisted upon the American people has no end in sight.

And as a myriad of websites suspiciously went down simultaneously on the day of the Twitter hearing, it was clear that a blow had been struck against the hull of the New World Order.

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