The US Is MILITARIZING Scandinavia Like There Is No Tomorrow. What Are They Planning?

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Since Sweden and Finland decided to join NATO, there is an unprecedented militarization going on all over the Scandinavian countries with the most insane political developments taking place in Sweden that is now selling out some of its sovereign territory to the US military. This use of the Nordic countries for NATO purposes and geared against Russia is unprecedented in either the 20th or 19 centuries.

To discuss what this means I have got with me three fantastic experts: Two from the region and one fellow neutrality researcher.

From Sweden we are joined by Professor Peo Hansen, from Linköping University. From Finland we’ve got Dr. Tapio Juntunen from Tampere University And finally we are very delighted to be joined by Ambassador Nasir Andisha, who is Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, and also the author of “Neutrality and Vulnerable States – An Analysis of Afghanistan’s Permanent Neutrality

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