The Western Political & Media Elites Are Downplaying the Nazi Legacy Evil in Ukraine

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It is an inconvenient fact for the West that there is a massive problem in Ukraine regarding men and women who look for inspiration to the Nazi occupation of the country during World War II.

The fanatic interest in the Nazis among a large minority in western Ukraine is due to a mythology that links support for the Nazis (and their hatred of Russians) with Ukrainian nationalism.

This does not mean that this cult-like following is well versed in the historical facts involved. It bears more resemblance to the football ultras who follow a particular team to the exclusion of all others and who initiate ultra-violence against fans of other teams.

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Over many years the history of World War Two in Ukraine has been used as a extremely narrow focus with which to bend minds toward hatred of Russia and all things Russian, including the population of eastern Ukraine who the most fanatical call ‘Moskals’ (Russians). The hatred in which this entire population of millions is held can be total and any and all techniques are considered valid against them.

It was primarily this mentality which informed those who with impunity fired mortar rounds completely unguided as to coordinates into eastern Ukraine towns hitting whatever was in their way, predominantly apartment blocks, hospitals, administrative buildings and schools. This indiscriminate shelling of civilian targets and urban environments went almost entirely unreported in the western press and media throughout 2014 and 2015. It was only reduced when the people there began to organise themselves into an effective defence force. 

Western press and media DID report the casualties however, mounting over the years to 14,000 deaths. The key point regarding who had caused these deaths was never explained however and the impression given was that by some unknown means this was ‘Russia’s fault’. There was no attempt to explain that it was the villages, towns and cities in eastern Ukraine that were surrounded by Ukrainian troops and that it was they who were firing inward and therefore they who had caused the vast preponderance of casualties.

During World War Two the enthusiasm to kill Russians and forward the cause of Ukrainian nationalism that thousands in western Ukraine joined special Nazi battalions. It has been said that the Nazi had a certain fear of these battalions as they were so extremely ruthless and sadistic. This mentality has been seen reflected in full in the new Nazis that exist now in Ukraine and that Russia has sworn to eliminate.

Grandfather to father to son, the Nazi legacy hatred toward Russia has been passed down the years. Tens of thousands have marched annually in the west Ukrainian city of Lvov in torchlit parades. The Nazi legacy is, unbelievably, an extremely strong force within western Ukraine. It exists not only in thought but in deed. Annually also there are commemorations for those who served in the Nazi battalions of WWII complete with the throng attending wearing the German military uniforms of the time.

The most virulent of these cultist believers in the good acts, behaviours and symbols of the Third Reich are capable of almost any evil under the sun. Reports talk of and videos plus images show the results of the gouging out of eyes with knives, the burning of swastikas on victims, of the shooting of Russian prisoners of war in the legs and groin and the kicking of such prisoners to death, castration and much else.

That such a massive grouping of individuals with such mentalities is armed and incorporated within the Ukrainian army and national guard is an abomination that should strike fear and loathing into every European heart if not across the world as a whole.

However, you will hear little to no mention of these soulless men and women in western press or media. They are an inconvenient fact that does not fit within the current need to glorify everything on the Kiev regime side of the equation. Presumably, now that they symbols of these ultra-violent forces within the Ukrainian mainstream are even on sale as t-shirts and flags sold via Amazon they will also be welcomed with open arms into the unsuspecting European culture.

Only when an honest appraisal is engaged in where the true nature of these Nazi legacy legions takes place and is publicised widely will any moves to secure Europe from them begin to be called for. One wonders how many atrocities must occur before this begins to be seen.

Until this time these demonic forces, so full of hate and self-awarded licence to mutilate, torture and murder will continue to be downplayed by western political and media elites.


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