Tucker Describes How Moscow Visit ‘Radicalized’ Him, Slams Senile Biden

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Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson joined the World Governments Summit 2024 in Dubai Monday to break down his recent interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the US government’s efforts to stop the interview from happening.

Speaking to Egyptian journalist Emad Eldin Adeeb, Tucker detailed his reasoning for pursuing the interview with the leader of the country with which the US is in a proxy war.

“I’ve been trying for three years to do this interview. The US government prevented me from doing it by spying on my text messages and leaking them to the New York Times. And that spooked the Russian government into canceling the interview,” he said.

“So I’ve been trying to do this but my country’s intel services have been working against me illegally and that enraged me because I’m an American citizen.”

“And so once I discovered that that was happening and I confirmed it was happening and they admitted that they did it, then I was totally determined monomaniacally dedicated to doing this interview,” Tucker said adding,

At one point, Tucker described being “radicalized” after visiting Moscow and seeing how nice and clean the Russian capital is compared to American cities.

“What was radicalizing, very shocking and very disturbing for me was the city of Moscow, where I’d never been, the biggest city in Europe… is so much nicer than any city in my country. I had no idea,” Carlson noted.

He went on to criticize the fact that in Biden’s America citizens can’t take a subway in New York City without the fear of being raped.

“If you can’t use your subway, for example, as many people are afraid to in New York City because it’s too dangerous, you have to sort of wonder like, isn’t that the ultimate measure of leadership?” he said.

“It’s radicalizing for an American to go to Moscow – I didn’t know that, I’ve learned it this week – to Singapore, to Tokyo, to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, because these cities, no matter how we’re told they’re run and on what principles they’re run, are wonderful places to live that don’t have rampant inflation.”

Elsewhere in the discussion, Carlson slammed Biden’s declining cognitive state when asked to compare him to Putin.

“I mean, if this were boxing, the fight would be called by the medic,” Carlson responded, adding Biden has objectively lowered the standard of living in America.

“That’s not a political observation. It’s a statement of fact, which is provable empirically,” he added.

Check out the full discussion below: