Tucker: Why is US funding secret bio-labs in Ukraine?

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During his Wednesday night broadcast, Fox News host Tucker Carlson covered the clandestine US biolabs in Ukraine that have recently been the focus of wild accusations by the Russian government.

Carlson started his show with the subject, looking first at the establishment media, politicians and “fact checkers” confidently stating accusations of US biolabs in Ukraine are total conspiracies.

Next, the Fox host played footage of State Department Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland confirming the existence of Ukrainian biological facilities during a Senate Foreign Relation Committee on Tuesday.

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Carlson began, “‘Not only does Ukraine have secret biolabs,’ Victoria Nuland said, Whatever they’re doing in those labs is so dangerous and so scary that she is quote, ‘Quite concerned,’ that the research material inside those biolabs might fall into the hands of Russian forces.”

As Tucker pointed out, the State Department’s fourth highest ranking employee confirmed under oath of perjury that the “Russian disinformation” the establishment has been claiming is a lie is in-fact true.

When Florida Senator Marco Rubio asked Nuland if she thought a hypothetical biological accident or attack would be something the Russians would be behind, she delivered a laughable answer.

“There is no doubt in my mind senator and it is classic Russian technique to blame on the other guy what they are planning to do themselves,” she responded.

Joking about Nuland’s answer, Carlson said, “So, what you’re saying, Toria Nuland, if, for example, you were funding secret biolabs in Ukraine but wanted to hide that fact from the people who are paying for it, in whose name you’re doing it, that you might lie about it by claiming the Russians were lying about it?”

Moving on, Tucker played a video of a Russian defense spokesperson’s recent accusations regarding the biolabs, and noted that he’d never shown anything of the sort on his program in the past.

However, due to the continuous lying done by those who run the American government, Carlson said, “You have to open your mind a bit and assess what other people are saying.”

Carlson played a clip of the Russian defense spokesperson accusing the USA of financing clandestine biolabs in Ukraine and cited a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson who claimed the Ukraine was working on deadly pathogens.

“Is that true?” Tucker asked. “Obviously we would not take Russia’s word for that, ever. But, we do not have to take Russia’s word. The US Defense Department has a website that contains this media clip about the opening of a biological research facility in Ukraine in 2010.”

The Defense Department website Carlson referred to quoted former Republican Senator Dick Lugar as praising the lab for working on “dangerous pathogens” to stop “bioterrorists”.

The Fox host continued to detail more proof of the existence of the labs, eventually touching on the suspicious disappearance of documents proving the DOD funded between 20 and 30 Ukrainian biolabs.

“The telling thing,” Carlson said, “is that the US Embassy’s website also contains links to fact sheets about America’s support for biological research in Ukraine, but all those links are now dead.”

Tucker made the observation that the US government, which works for We The People, deleted crucial public data from a web page paid for by its citizens.

Despite ample evidence proving otherwise, Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby said Wednesday, “The Russian accusations are absurd, they are laughable… and you know, in the words of my Irish Catholic grandfather, a bunch of malarkey. There’s nothing to it. It’s classic Russian propaganda, and if I were you, I wouldn’t give it it a drop of ink worth paying attention to.”

Kirby even posted a portion of the comment on Twitter, again insisting, “We are not developing biological or chemical weapons inside Ukraine. This is textbook Russian propaganda.”

After playing the video of Kirby, Carlson said, “You’ll notice at the end of that, Kirby refuses to answer the question. Has there been a relationship between the US Pentagon and a bioweapons facility in Ukraine and if so, what is that relationship?”

When the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” crew reached out to the State Department for comment on the subject, they delivered a carefully-worded response.

Fox News Screenshot
Fox News Screenshot

This statement, Carlson said, “means nothing,” because, for example, “You could describe our nuclear stockpile, correctly, as defensive. Our nuclear weapons are not designed to pre-emptively kill anybody, they’re designed to prevent other people from killing us but they’re still nuclear weapons.”

Unsatisfied with the State Department response, Tucker aired a clip of Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian calling on weapons inspectors to investigate the Ukrainian facilities immediately.

Following the video of the Chinese official, Carlson told those who may be upset with his program showing Russian and Chinese propaganda, “Yeah, we did. We also put US government propaganda on the screen.”

“The difference is, we expect to be lied to by foreign governments, we’re not globalists,” he added. “We believe in one country, it’s this country, the United States. We do not expect to be lied to by our government and we won’t accept it.”

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, joined Tucker in the next segment to share her opinion on the biolab situation.

“I’m extremely concerned, as should be every American and everyone in the world,” Gabbard said of the bio-facilities. “The seriousness of the situation really can’t be overstated. First of all, she (Nuland) didn’t say, ‘no’ when she was asked by Marco Rubio about there being biological or chemical weapons in Ukraine. If there were or are, obviously that would be a violation of the biological weapons convention.”

She continued, saying the State Department has been trying to hide this information and that after it all came out to be true, continued pushing the lie instead of coming clean.

Gabbard called the response from the US government “the height of irresponsibility,” and warned the entire world is now in danger due to the labs being in the midst of a live warzone.

“We could face another global crisis when you look at a pathogen that could be released. We just went through this with Covid. We can’t have forgotten this already,” the congresswoman stated.

Before moving onto the next subject, Gabbard made a final comment about US-funded biolabs around the world, saying, “They need to be shut down immediately. They are insecure, they are posing a threat to the world, they need to be shut down immediately.”


From RT Russian: The United States paid Ukrainian scientists for the development of biological weapons from $2.5 to $5 per hour.
For an eight-hour working day, employees of various biological laboratories in Ukraine received from $20 to $40, according to documents published by the Russian Defense Ministry.
According to the papers, the US military department has signed contracts with at least eight laboratories in Ukraine. The work was paid on behalf of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) – this is one of the divisions of the US Department of Defense.
The sheet refers to the project codenamed UP-8. As part of this project, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and hantaviruses were studied.» https://t.me/rt_russian/98704


🇺🇸🐦 Ringed birds released during a bioresearch from the Ukranian Kherson Reserve were caught in Russia’s Ivanovo and Voronezh regions, according to the documents submitted by the Russian Ministry of Defense.🔎🦇 Pentagon-funded bio-laboratories on the territory of Ukraine developed, among other things, projects for the spread of biological weapons to the territory of Russia via bats, Igor Kirillov, the head of the radiation, chemical and biological defense of the Russian Armed Forces, told reporters.

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