Twitter goes after Serbia. President of Serbia dares Twitter, ‘Ban me like Trump!’

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has compared himself to Donald Trump as a politician victimized by Twitter, after the social media took the decision to tag many of the media organisations which support him as “pro-government”.

RT reports:

“Twitter is a propaganda machine of war,” thundered a headline in the tabloid Informer, above an interview with a pundit who claimed the US-based social networks were “doing the same thing NATO bombers did in 1999,” and illustrated with a photo of Hitler peeking out of Twitter’s blue bird logo.

Informer is generally considered favorable to President Aleksandar Vucic and his ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

“Who else should they cooperate with, oligarchs, thieves and criminals?” Vucic – whom the AP described as an “autocratic leader” – said in response to the labeling. “It’s the most normal thing for the media to cooperate with the government.”

“We don’t even fund most of these outlets, as a state. But they fund Voice of America and the BBC, and they are not labeled state media. Which leads me to wonder who is doing the censorship here,” he added.

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