UK Army Chief Says Youth Will Be Called-Up To Military Service If NATO Goes To War With Russia | Wokeism is DESTROYING The British Military

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Britain’s outgoing Chief of the General Staff (CGS), General Sir Patrick Sanders, told The Telegraph this week the nation’s young men and women will be forced into military service if the UK goes to war with Russia.

While he claimed he doesn’t support conscription, the top general told the outlet he “wants British men and women to be prepared for a call-up if NATO goes to war with Putin.”

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a “call-up” as “an order to report for military service.”

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In his Wednesday speech at the International Armoured Vehicles conference in West London, Sir Patrick suggested the UK military should expand by more than 50,000 troops within three years.

Sky News noted the public should be worried the head of the British Army is making such statements, with one reporter saying, “We’ve been too complacent. What’s coming on the horizon should shock us, should worry us and we’re not prepared.”

He added, “We’ve had three decades or so since the Cold War, life has gone well. It’s now going to get more difficult as authoritarian states exploit our timidity.”

Sir Patrick isn’t the only high-level individual telling citizens to prepare for what would likely be a WWIII scenario.

Top NATO official Adml Rob Bauer said last week civilians of countries in the organization must get ready for “all-out war with Russia in the next 20 years.”

Making a similar comment to General Patrick, Bauer also warned “private citizens” that the coming conflict “would require wholesale change in their lives.”

While General Patrick danced around committing to conscription, Bauer stated, “You have to have a system in place to find more people if it comes to war, whether it does or not. Then you talk mobilization, reservists or conscription.”

UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps also said earlier this week that the nation needs to be “prepared” for war, and prior to that said Britain was “moving from a post-war to pre-war world” where its “adversaries are now more connected with each other.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s official spokesman told The Independent the government currently has no plans to change the military’s volunteer status.

Speaking on Sir Patrick Sanders’ remarks, Sunak’s office said, “Hypothetical scenarios” are “not helpful.”

The British Armed Forces are facing a critical shortage of military personnel. What is causing this unprecedented recruitment crisis in the UK?