Ukraine Distracts from Multiplying Catastrophes + Why US Analysts Get Ukraine Wrong

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Ukraine’s reported sinking of Russian missile boat distracts from Ukraine’s core weaknesses rather than helps address them;

  • US analysts believe Ukraine can use 2024 to “rebuild” for 2025, failing to understand Ukraine and its Western sponsors lack the ability to do this, while Russia continues expanding its manpower and military industrial output;
  • US analysts share a misconception that Russia’s lack of territorial gains results from a lack of offensive potential rather than a deliberate choice to degrade Ukrainian forces first, and attack second;
  • Attempts to draw drones from other areas of the battlefield to compensate for Ukrainian deficiencies in artillery ammunition simply creates two deficiencies out of one;
  • US analysts believe in the inherent superiority of Western military power, causing all other aspects of their analysis to diverge from reality;