Ukraine Eyes Lowering Conscription Age As Neocons Trash-Talk Carlson Interview

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The US is still not satisfied with the level of death and destruction in Ukraine and is cheering on the conscription of ever younger Ukrainians to be send as cannon fodder into the meat grinder. Even after a highly public display of Vladimir Putin himself to actually negotiate peace, the neocons are brushing peace off the table, keeping themselves busy trying to trash-talk the Tucker Carlson interview.

While there are legitimate criticism about the interview, the doors that it should open toward peace-talks should really not be underestimated. But, as always, the neocons want war above all, while dressing up as peace-loving angels. Let’s look at some of the lates reactions that are floating around in collective west media and see what they would like their propagandised audience to understand form this very public appeal by Vladimir Putin.