Ukraine Is Nothing But A Private Military Company Of The West: Russian Envoy To UN

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The Russian envoy to the UN, Vassily A. Nebenzia has asserted that Ukraine functions merely as a private military company for the West.

Additionally, he claimed that if Ukraine had adhered to International Humanitarian Law, casualties could have been avoided despite the extensive strikes by the Russian Armed Forces.

These strikes targeted various military facilities in Ukraine, including military-industrial sites, airfield infrastructure, arsenals, as well as storage locations for artillery ammunition, unmanned boats, weapons, and military equipment fuel. The envoy argued that this situation is evident not only to experts but also to impartial observers.

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In support of his statement, he provided a link to a video showing an Israeli missile striking an apartment building in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, emphasizing the destructive impact of such targeted strikes.

Despite the potential humanitarian consequences, he criticized Western counterparts for not convening urgent Security Council meetings in response to similar incidents in other regions.