Ukraine on Brink of a Coup as Zelensky Leads Country to Ruin – Former Ukrainian diplomat and whistleblower

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Andrii Telizhenko laments the state of his home country and explains how the situation there differs from what people in the West are told in mainstream media.

Former Ukrainian diplomat and whistleblower Andrii Telizhenko joined Sputnik’s Fault Lines program Wednesday, speaking powerfully about the “heartbreak” he feels as his country loses people and territory in an unnecessary conflict.

“Ukraine is losing and losing by hundreds of thousands of people, the men and women which are dying and which have been killed… this is already a big loss for everybody,” said the former Ukrainian government official to hosts Jamarl Thomas and Melik Abdul. “Ukraine is going to lose more territories if this attitude continues to fight and fight and fight.”

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“He doesn’t even want peace. He doesn’t even talk about peace,” said Telizhenko of the country’s current leader President Volodymyr Zelensky. “This is a heartbreak for me as a Ukrainian, to say that we might lose our country because of the people who are in the government today in Ukraine, the regime which is killing its own people who want to fight for peace, which is killing its own people, throwing them to the front lines against Russia, one of the strongest armies in the world and a nuclear country.”

The ex-diplomat said Zelensky’s increasing unpopularity – at home and in Washington – could lead to his ousting as early as this year.

“There might be a coup in spring of this year in Ukraine, coordinated by the West, changing Zelensky as the president of Ukraine with somebody like [military chief] Zaluzhny or somebody else out there,” said Telizhenko, speculating the regime change could even result in a civil war in the country.

“America does not always understand what’s happening within Ukraine, even though they’re trying to control it,” he added. “And I think that’s what’s going to happen.”

Telizhenko said the conflict would ultimately have to be resolved via negotiation between the US and Russia but, perversely, Ukrainians will likely continue to die until the political moment in the United States allows such discussions to take place. “So the United States and Russia sit down. But I think nobody’s going to go for that in DC until the elections,” he claimed. “So Ukraine is going to lose more and more territories.

Above all Telizhenko lamented the tragedy of Ukrainians being killed in a war they don’t want to fight, effectively being sent on a suicide mission to battle against a more powerful army without the proper training.

“People are being thrown out, thrown from the streets, the buses,” he said. “Ukrainians don’t want to fight. And they, their laws are being broken by throwing them to military camps and then throwing them to the front lines right away, without any tactical experience at all.”

“They basically made a boot camp out of Ukraine,” he said, “not letting any men and women out and throwing them to the front lines without any experience, just to make their owners in Washington and Deep State happy… And this is going to continue to happen as Boris Johnson, who you mentioned before, promised to fight until the last Ukrainian. And that’s what they’re doing right now, keeping that promise, fighting to the last Ukrainian men and women.”

Telizhenko explained that the crisis in Ukraine is personal for him not merely because he is Ukrainian, but also because he knows people who have fallen victim to the extremist government that took hold after 2014’s Euromaidan coup. Making matters worse is that fact that people in the West don’t understand the true nature of the Zelensky regime, but instead are fed lies about how the government there is fighting for “freedom” and “democracy.”

“My country… was a prosperous country years before, before the coup, before everything happened in ’14, Ukraine was prosperous,” he explained. “His situation [Gonzalo Lira’s] is the face of what is happening in Ukraine today, because there’s thousands of people like Gonzalo Lira who we don’t even know about. I had three friends who got shot in Ukraine because they are political and analytics experts – great, great guys that didn’t work for anybody, that just had their point of view of peace and the truth, and they got killed in the first weeks of the conflict.”

“The Secret Service of Ukraine came to their house and shot them. One of them got killed in the prison. And this is what’s happening in Ukraine today… This is what’s happened in a so-called democracy which the deep state is financing today in Ukraine.”

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