Ukraine Vows To Reclaim Crimea and Donbass As Peace Talks Stall

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The Ukrainian government has signaled a breakdown of peace talks by declaring it will “reclaim the sovereignty” of the Crimean peninsula and the Donbas region currently under Russian control.

“[Russian Foreign Minister] Lavrov demonstrates misunderstanding of the negotiation process. The issues of Crimea and Donbas will be settled for good after Ukraine restores its sovereignty over them. During the talks in Istanbul, the Ukrainian delegation presented its proposals on how to achieve this goal,” tweeted Ukraine spokesman Oleg Nikolenko on Wednesday.

Nikolenko is referring to Lavrov’s initial remark that the issue of Crimea and Donbas had been “settled for good” during peace talks.

Russia responded that Ukraine’s proposal to retake Crimea is “dead on arrival.”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signals no progress has been made in ongoing peace talks with Russia.

Ukraine is still calling on the West to supply them with weapons, artillery, and military equipment as Russian forces withdraw from Kiev and other regions.