UKRAINE’S ZAPORIZHZHIA BATTLE PLAN – Mass Civilian Evacuation by Russia in Zaporizhzhia Region

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Update on the Zaporizhzhia Front : Mass civilian evacuation (verified) had been announced for the entire northern half of the Zaporizhzhia region controlled by Russia, in a surprise move that is reminisce of Russian abandoning of the Kherson region north of Dnipro River.

This could either be Russia expecting a massive Ukrainian offensive that they may not be able to hold the line; or that have no confidence in themselves; or maybe Russia want to do another goodwill gesture for Ukraine so they will willingly surrender to Russia out of “feeling bad”.

With the announcement, it is also clearer to see how Russia is expecting the Ukrainian offensive to develop, and where the Ukrainian would be heading in their Spring (actually going to be Summer) Offensive in the Zaporizhzhia Front.

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