Ukrainian troops ‘run for their lives’ in Luhansk; Wagner captures one more village near Bakhmut | Putin’s men wipeout 197 Ukrainian units, kill 580 troops | Russia-U.S. ties ‘dire’ after drone crash

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Russia’s Wagner Group has claimed that it captured one more village near Bakhmut and has stepped its offensive to win the Eastern City of Ukraine.

In Luhansk, massive fighting has been reported by Russian forces on the frontlines while a pro-Russia militia commander claimed that Ukrainian soldiers have abandoned their positions and fled.

The Russian defence ministry in its latest update from the battleground has claimed that over 580 Ukrainian troops have been killed and units in 197 areas have been destroyed by its forces in the past day.

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This came as it released a new video of its MSTA-S Howitzer in combat action. The video shows the Russian drones tracking camouflaged Ukrainian strongholds and the Howitzer unleashing accurate fire on them. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has dismissed the governors of three regions including Luhansk and Odessa.

On the other hand, Russia has said that the relations with the U.S. were in dire straits after the MQ-9 drone crash in Black Sea. Watch this video for more updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone.