US Claims Chinese “Incursion” Near Taiwan, US Sells Taiwan Millions in Arms as Next Proxy War Brews

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Update on US-Chinese tensions and specifically developments regarding the island province of Taiwan:

  • Western media claims China is making “incursions” into Taiwan air defense zones, however the UN decades ago declared Taiwan as a province of China and only through unwarranted US influence has a contrary narrative sustained itself to today;
  • Taiwan’s “air defense identification zone,” like all ADIZ’s, has no basis in international law with the additional fact that Taiwan’s ADIZ actually includes part of mainland China;
  • Despite China entering into the supposed ADIZ, it does so along the edges in the least provocative way possible, asserting its sovereignty over Taiwan under international law, but without triggering possible hostilities;
  • Despite the US inferring that Taiwan is an autonomous, independent entity from China, Taiwan depends entirely on the US for political and military support without which Taiwan will fully reintegrate with the rest of China;
  • The US State Department officially recognizes Taiwan as part of China and explicitly does not recognize its independence, yet unofficially deliberately undermines China’s sovereignty over Taiwan;
  • US announced a recent arms sale to Taiwan forces including weapons for its fleet of US-made F-16 fighters;
  • US policy think tanks admit that Taiwan forces both in the air and at sea will be eliminated almost immediately in any conflict with the rest of China and will not play a role in subsequent fighting;
  • The US sends weapons to Taiwan to override both its official stance on Taiwan as well as the UN’s stance in enduring contravention of international law;
  • The US is rushing to provoke a conflict with China over Taiwan before the 2025-2030 window closes after which the US will be unable to win any armed confrontation with China;
  • The US desire to use Taiwan as a proxy against the rest of China follows the same foreign policy template as its proxy war with Russia in Ukraine;