US & its slave state UK are planning two large-scale false-flag provocations, including staged event in Moldova, to blame Russia

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The United States and Great Britain work on two large-scale provocations to draw Europe into hostilities against the Russian Federation. The first one of them is a terrorist attack with the use of a “dirty bomb” on the territory of Russia or Ukraine. The second one is about an attack on Transnistria.

After the Munich Conference, it became clear that the US and Britain would strive for Ukraine’s victory in the conflict. These are not just words as some experts may recklessly believe.

Nuclear waste from the United States arrives in Ilyichevsk

Typical Odessa Telegram-channel conducted a journalistic investigation into the arrival of radioactive waste from the United States at the port of Ilyichevsk on February 15-16 overnight. It goes about six containers marked as “USA” and “hazard class 7”. The transportation of substances of this class is associated with the risk of absorption and external radioactive radiation, let alone a nuclear chain reaction, experts note.

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Reportedly, a number of port employees felt unwell and were hospitalised. The Yantar radioactive monitoring system was activated, but was then turned off along with individual dosimeters, Typical Odessa said.

The channel also paid attention to large-scale radio protection trainings that were conducted near Kiev among mercenary commanders. It is believed that someone is going to stage a Russian nuclear attack that would then trigger a response from the West.

According to Typical Odessa, the following locations can be used:

  • exclusion area around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;
  • “scorched earth” region of Donbass;
  • large million-strong Russian-speaking city such as Kharkiv or Odessa to create the largest media bombshell possible.

The list may also include a strike on waste storage facilities at an operating Ukrainian nuclear power plant in order to create a radioactive cloud in the atmopshere.

In late October, Igor Kirillov, the chief of the radiation, chemical and biological defence forces of the Russian Armed Forces, said that the work on the creation of a “dirty” bomb in Ukraine was at its final stage. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu warned his counterparts in the United States, Great Britain, France and Turkey about Kyiv’s intentions in a telephone conversation.

Armed Forces of Ukraine prepare to attack arsenal in Transnistria

Vladimir Grubnik’s Ghost of Novorossiya Telegram channel reports that Kyiv builds up units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the border with the Transdniestrian (Pridnestrovian) Moldavian Republic. They allegedly ready to enter Transnistria in order to seize Europe’s largest arsenal in the village of Kolbasna, which is located two kilometres from the border with Ukraine. The arsenal is protected by the Russian contingent.

The only thing that the Ukrainians are afraid of is a possibility for the arsenal to get blown up.

“They may try to do it and then blame the Russians for everything. The ammo depot there is good for one year of hostilities,” Vladimir Grubnik said.

According to him, Moldova’s prime minister was replaced for this purpose, and then something started happening to reservists.

Ukrainian Telegram channel Resident said with reference to the Office of the President that Kyiv submitted its plans for a military operation against Transnistria to MI-6 British intelligence service. According to the plan, the UK is supposed to put pressure on the President of Moldova to “obtain tacit consent” to a military operation in the PMR that will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to replenish stocks of ammunition for its Soviet-era equipment.

We would like to add here that Dorin Recean, the new Prime Minister of Moldova, said on Friday, February 17, that he wanted to achieve “one fundamental thing” — demilitarisation of the PMR.

“It depends on many things, but at some point it will be decided,” Recean said.