WAGNER CAPTURE EVERYTHING EAST OF RAILWAY – Khromove road cut; Ukr counter SW of Bakhmut

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Update from the Bakhmut Front: Latest geolocation from Bakhmut City suggest that the Ukrainian forces had entirely withdrawn from the eastern side of the railway line that goes through the center of Bakhmut City.

Russian forces continue to make incremental progress in the northern frontlines as the Ukrainian forces are making a stand in the garage area where it was reportedly heavily fortified by the Ukrainians.

Information from both pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian sources reported that the Russian VDV forces is within rifle range of the Chasir Yar-Khromove road, effectively closing the road once again from Ukrainian traffic.

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Ukrainian forces meanwhile conducts a seemingly huge counteroffensive operation in the area of Ivanivske and Stupochky to alleviate the pressure put on by the Russian airborne forces in the southern flank.

Immense Russian pressure on Bakhmut increases as more city districts are falling to their control.