Warmongers just got DEFEATED! Is Eastern Europe Waking Up? Georgia Discussed | Lasha Kasradze

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The parliament of Georgia just passed the highly controversial Foreign Agents Bill that will require NGOs with more than 20% foreign funding to register and make their money streams transparent. The west has been running one of the most ridiculous media and political propaganda campaigns against this development that we have seen in the past few years but has not managed to stop Georgia’s legislative branch from actually doing what is good for the country, and not what is in the interest of western neocons who would love to open a second front against Russia through Georgia. The irony of this dumb media campaign is of course that Georgia is anything but “pro-Russian”, since the government doesn’t have even direct diplomatic relations with Russia and has been one of the most pro-European regimes in the region.

Today I’m talking to Giorgi Lasha Kasradze. Lasha is an international relations analyst who focuses on the states of the former Soviet Union and the security dynamics in the South Caucasus and the wider Eurasian geopolitical space. He has written for several outlets like the Center for New America, New Eastern Europe and The National Interest. Since 2020, he works in the US as a liaison officer for the Sokhumi State University. Lasha holds degrees in International Relations from Rollins College and The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University.