WATCH: Alex Jones, Jack Posobiec Discuss Future Terror Attacks In Europe MONTHS Before Slovak PM Assassination Attempt

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While Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico is currently ‘fighting for his life’ after Wednesday’s assassination attempt, a powerful encounter between radio host Alex Jones and veteran Navy intel officer Jack Posobiec from March has resurfaced where the two discussed the likelihood of such terror attacks.

Moreover, additional eye-opening videos of Fico have emerged revealing him to be strongly against ‘The Western strategy in Ukraine’ as well as the the World Health Organization’s “experimental untested vaccines.”

Just last week, Fico slammed the WHO and the “experimental” jabs.

“I also clearly declare that we (Slovakia Democratic Party) WILL NOT support strengthening the Powers of the World Health Organization,” said Fico in a speech last week. “One study after another confirms the scandalous consequences of mass vaccination with experimental untested vaccines.”

Alex Jones has called people to pray for Fico’s survival.

“No wonder they tried to assassinate him,” said Jones Wednesday. “I pray to our heavenly father that he survives please join me.”