West Goes CRAZY Over Navalny Death. Ignores Gonzalo Lira, Julian Assange

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The hypocrisy of the West and the utterly fake outrage over the death of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny is breath taking. While torturing to death Julian Assange in a UK prison—an Australian citizen who had been working in the UK and whose only “crime” it is to have revealed truths about US warcrimes—and all but ignoring the death of Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine, these people swing themselves on the highest horse they can find to blame Russia for being a murderous regime of injustice.

The framing of Navalny’s death and the lack of options the US has to put anymore pressure on Russia is again revealing not only in terms of propaganda but also for how the Russians have really successfully decoupled their economy and fate in the world from the US and the EU—while the West of course still pretends that it has “dealt a blow” to Russia’s economy. Well, good for Moscow. Let’s hope it sinks in to most countries outside of the Collective West that reliance on the US empire is a ticking time-bomb.