What (more reasonable) Western Analysts Say Comes Next for Ukraine

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Some Western analysts have been providing a more accurate picture of the conflict in Ukraine than the general barrage of Western war propaganda. They seem to agree that:

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– There is no path for Ukraine to win militarily;

– Russia is nowhere near as incompetent and ill-prepared as the Western media suggests;

– Russia is not seizing territory because it is waging a war of attrition;

– Ukrainian territorial gains may have appeared “spectacular” but came at the cost of huge losses in men and equipment;

– Russia is bolstering both its manpower and defensive positions;

– The loss of Kharkov and Kherson city has actually left Russia in a more advantageous position, more troops on a shorter line of contact;

– Russian forces fighting in Bakhmut seek to grind Ukrainian forces down, not capture the city from them.

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