When NATO bombed Yugoslavia, the Americans violated Article One of NATO’s own founding treaty

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With American and Russian delegations set to meet with one another to discuss the Ukraine crisis, Dr Marcus Papadopoulos assessed what the outcome of this meeting will be. Whilst Dr Papadopoulos welcomed the meeting, he, nonetheless, contended that, in the long-term, the crisis surrounding Ukraine will continue on account of America’s determination to admit Ukraine into the ranks of NATO. Further to that, Dr Papadopoulos argued that even if Washington was to give Moscow a security assurance in writing, such a pledge would still be meaningless. To corroborate that assertion, Dr Papadopoulos cited America’s violation of the NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997, together with how the Americans, who are the de facto leaders of NATO, violated the Western military bloc’s own founding treaty when NATO bombed the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

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