Andrew Tate faces four more months inside cockroach-infested prison as lawyer speaks out

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Andrew Tate and brother Tristan could face another four months locked up in a cockroach-infested prison in Romania in what their lawyer describes as the “harshest form of punishment” the country has to offer. The Tate’s lost their second appeal to be released on Wednesday and so are looking at more time behind bars.

Both brothers have been held in custody in Romania since December 29 on suspicion of human trafficking and organised crime and will remain locked up until at least February 27. The pair also claim to have had assets worth over £3million seized as part of the investigation.

Romanian authorities said in a statement they had identified six alleged victims in the human trafficking case and described the alleged crimes as “acts of physical violence and mental coercion” as well as “sexual exploitation” from the members of the alleged crime group.

But Andrew and Tristan continue to protest their innocence. Andrew recently said: “Ask them for evidence and they will give you none, because it doesn’t exist. You’ll find out the truth of this case soon.”

And his American lawyer Tina Glandian, has now told The Mirror: “Pre-trial detention is the harshest form of punishment. Terrible things happen to people when they’re in custody; people are killed sometimes in custody, it’s dangerous and should be the method of last resort.

“It’s only if there is no less restrictive alternative available and in this case there certainly are. The government has already seized personal vehicles, money and personal property. They already have a lot of the brothers’ belongings and possessions and there are ways with ankle monitors and house arrest you can use to ensure someone doesn’t leave. We feel strongly that they should be released.

“Our position is that if the government had any credible evidence, or any evidence at all, [the Tates] would have been charged by now. They searched and seized their belongings back in April and it’s been 10 months without charges being filed so I think that alone speaks volumes about what the evidence is. They are desperately trying to gather evidence to keep them in custody until they have something.

“The authorities can continue to extend the detention. Every 30 days they can make a new application up to a six-month period without filing charges. They’re going into the second extension so they have four additional times they can do this in theory.”

She added: “They are suffering in prison and the conditions are everything you’ve heard about a Romanian jail; they’re not sanitary, it’s very unpleasant there but they are strong men and are doing their best to hold up in there.”


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