Anti-Biden Song Goes Viral as Potus Looks Old and Confused During Another North Carolina Campaign Stop

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While the political world is focused on the former president being indicted again, Democrats thought they could sneak Joe Biden out for a campaign appearance when no one was looking. Spoiler: We WERE looking! And Joe Biden’s brain looks like it is now 69% tapioca. But first, the hot new anti-Biden song that is blowing up the Twitters!

I don’t know who this guy is. And my money is on him being less a based dude as much as a disgruntled Democrat. Still, I need a full-length song and music video right f*cking now!

It has a catchy beat that brings as much energy as a Joe Biden speech. And while the lyrics aren’t that complicated, neither is Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls).”

They’re really gonna make me vote for Joe Biden.
Joe Biden.
How is the best-case scenario Joe Biden?
J-J-J-Joe Biden.
You’re really gonna make me vote for Joe Biden.
How is the best-case scenario Joe Biden?

I lost it when my man started to do The Floss. Though methinks there might be complaints about cultural appreciation. When you sound like Sean Paul but look like the ginger from Harry Potter

It’s a complaint the left is making a lot as of late, most recently from James Van Der Beek and Stephen A. Smith. While Republicans have an abundance of candidates to choose from, Democrats are forcing an eighty-year-old with competence and continence issues on the electorate. It’s why other Democrats are positioning themselves for when the words “due to health concerns” enter the lexicon.

And to further illustrate the (hilarious) Democrat angst, we go now to — *takes a deep breath* — NORTH CAR-O-LI-NA! Where as is customary, Joe Biden looked like he didn’t know where he was or who sh*t in his pants.

When President DeSantis is prosecuting political enemies (since those are the new rules now) he also needs to prosecute Jill Biden and whoever else is responsible for the constant senior abuse.

This is one sad. As everyone laughs, Biden looks like he came to the sudden realization who in fact did indeed sh*t in his pants.

Yes, “they” are going to make you vote for Joe Biden. And they are going to make you hate yourself for it every step of the way.

Or, and this is something off the top of my head, you could always NOT vote for Joe Biden. This is an option too.

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