Biologist Warns WHO Planning to Take Control Over Nations For Next Pandemic, Confirms COVID ‘Vaccines’ Killed 17 MILLION People

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Biologist Bret Weinstein warned that the World Health Organization (WHO) is preparing “troubling” new health emergency measures that could eviscerate national sovereignty and free speech as we know it.

In an appearance on “The Tucker Carlson Encounter” Friday, Weinstein explained how the WHO was taken by surprise by a “small group of dissidents” were who able to “bend the narrative” surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines, and is drafting “pandemic preparedness plan modifications” in response to prevent similar pushback when another pandemic arises.

“The fact that that small number of dissidents was able to bend the narrative was able to bring people’s awareness to the massive levels of harmful and effectiveness of the shots is, in some ways, the most surprising element of the story,” Weinstein stated. 

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“And I think it truly surprised Pharma and its partners in social media and government — and government-run organizations — I think they thought that they own enough of the media that they could sell us any narrative they wish. And I think surprising as it is, they didn’t really understand that podcasts could possibly be a countervailing force of significance,” he said, adding the WHO is “looking for a rematch” with humanity.

“What I believe is going on is the World Health Organization is now revising the structures that allowed the dissidents to upend the narrative. And they are looking for a rematch, I think.”

“What they want are the measures that would have allowed them to silence the podcasters to mandate various things internationally in a way that would prevent the emergence of a control group that would allow us to see harms clearly,” he added, noting their ability to completely end the First Amendment in the U.S. is “currently under discussion at the international level.”

Weinstein also explained how governments’ COVID public health emergency measures were the only way for Big Pharma to push its unsafe mRNA technology injections bill sold as “vaccines” to the public.

“Because they called it a vaccine, people were much more willing to accept it,” he said.

“What I’ve come to understand is something I call the game of pharma. If you think about what pharma is, we tend to imagine that it is an industry that is hell bent on finding drugs that will make us healthier. That’s not what it is. In fact, pharma is healthy when people are sick.”

“…basically every day of the year, pharma is engaged in portraying the properties that it owns as more useful than they are, safer than they are, and persuading the medical establishment, the journals, the societies, the hospitals, the government to direct people towards drugs they wouldn’t otherwise be taking,” he continued. “So that’s what the racket is.”

Weinstein also cited the bombshell scientific report Infowars covered in September showing a “credible estimate” of about 17 million died globally as a result of the COVID mRNA shots.

So I’m not a math genius, but one in eight hundred shots times billions is a lot of people…17 million deaths from the COVID vaccine? Just for perspective. I mean, that’s like the death toll of a global war,” Carlson noted.

“Yes, absolutely. This is a great tragedy of history. So that proportion. And amazingly there is no way in which it’s over,” Weinstein said.

“I mean, we are still apparently recommending these things for healthy children. Never stood any chance of getting any benefit from it. Every chance of suffering harms that are not only serious but tragic on the basis that children have long lives ahead of them.”

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