Slovakia Prime Minister Orders Investigation into COVID-19 Response & Vaccines Over 21,000 Excess Deaths Since 2020

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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico in a speech before the European Parliament this week announced Slovakia would launch an investigation into the “COVID circus” related to the experimental vaccine rollout and pandemic response measures.

“We will never understand the truth about what role pharmaceutical companies played and who actually organized the entire COVID-19 circus,” Fico said. “With this in mind, ladies and gentlemen, the Government of the Slovak Republic has decided to include a promise to resolve this issue in official announcements.”

“The Slovak people simply need an answer. He needs answers about vaccination, what it actually was,” he continued. “What was it really? Why were various experimental vaccines given to people without any testing? Why were all sorts of drugs pushed on people? Why was there statewide testing? Who bought these? Why were these purchased? How much quantity was purchased? How much money was spent on that? We end up with billions, billions!”

Fico went on to explain that the investigation is especially warranted given Slovakia saw 21,000 excess deaths since 2020, which he blamed on “government incompetence.”

“We have 21,000 deaths, which we connect with the fact that the governments that were here since 2020 were not capable of managing (the pandemic) and cared only about economic gains and of course made sure they were bowing to pharmaceutical companies from which they bought huge quantities of useless medical equipment and often also vaccines,” he said.

Fico said Slovakia will create a new government office specifically to investigate the matter and appoint its Deputy of the National Assembly to lead the probe and publish its results.

“Based on what we have available, we want to know what really happened. I think that Dr. Kotlar, Deputy of the National Assembly, is equipped with sufficient information,” he said. “I see that he is prepared, even when it comes to keeping the team together. I asked him to discuss everything in the cabinet before making any public statement. And I am absolutely, I repeat, absolutely confident that his work will yield results, Which we will publish and tell the Slovak public what really happened during this COVID period.”

“Today we know one thing: Previous governments absolutely failed to manage Covid and left 21,000 people to their own devices. And, as we all know, they made a lot of money from unnecessary purchases of various medical supplies and vaccines,” he concluded.

In December, Rico rejected the World Health Organization’s (WHO) so-called Pandemic Treaty, calling it “nonsense invented by greedy pharma companies.”

This comes as a group of scientists recently released a peer-reviewed article calling on governments to endorse a global moratorium on the experimental COVD mRNA injections until all questions about its safety profile are answered.

“Once a proper assessment of the safety and efficacy claims was made herein — upon which the emergency use authorization (EUA)’s and ultimate final authorizations were granted — it was found that the COVID-19 injectable products were neither safe nor effective,” said co-author Jessica Rose, Ph.D.