Slovakian PM Eerily Predicts His Own Assassination in Video

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Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico appears to have predicted last week’s attempt on his life by a radical leftist, in a video he recorded a month ago. Fico remains in a serious condition in hospital after being shot multiple times.

In the short video, he noted that political tensions in his country had reached such a pitch that an assassination attempt on a leading government politician seemed inevitable.

“I am not exaggerating by a millimeter,” Fico declared in the video, which was recorded during a join session of the Slovakian and Ukrainian governments at Michalovce. 

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Prime Minister Fico criticized the media, in particular, for its role in creating such a hostile atmosphere. He said that journalists have urged the “progressive voter” to engage in “vulgar and aggressive” behavior.

After the attempted assassination attempt at the beginning of last week, members of the government were quick to point the finger of blame at the nation’s liberal media for creating a febrile atmosphere and “whipping up hatred.”

“You have made us all targets,” said Ľuboš Blaha, the deputy speaker of the Slovak parliament, during a press conference. “You have spread a haunting hatred for years. You hated that people elected us so much that you went after us like wild animals. These are the fruits of your labor. The Prime Minister is fighting for his life because of you.”

Another minister said that, because of constant “attacks and expressions of hatred” from the media, Slovakia is “standing of the threshold of civil war.”

Fico was shot four times by 71-year-old poet Jurj Cintula, a man with a long history of activism, after attending a government meeting on Wednesday. Fico was greeting supporters in the town of Handlova when the would-be assassin struck.