The Battle For Southern Vovchansk Has Started | The Strike In Odessa | Military Summary

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In the Kharkiv region, Russian forces have crossed the river, and currently, battles are taking place in the western part of Vovchansk. In Lyptsi, the Russians are advancing from their bridgehead north of Lyptsi towards the west, seemingly attempting to flank the Ukrainian troops in the garden plots. In Kharkiv, the Russians are targeting logistical routes and the railway to disrupt the Ukrainians’ supply capabilities. South of Huliaipole, Russian forces have secured the village of Marfopil, confirmed by a Ukrainian FPV drone recording. The fighting in Klischiivka continues, with some sources reporting that Russian soldiers have nearly secured the entire village. In Chasiv Yar, intense battles persist, and Russian forces are launching attacks from multiple directions. Additionally, several Russian military field hospitals have been geolocated along the Russian-Ukrainian border in the Sumy region, indicating that further attacks along the border are imminent.