China urges US, NATO to engage in dialogue with Russia over Ukraine Crisis

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China has called for the U.S. and NATO to engage in dialog with Russia to resolve issues behind the ongoing Ukraine crisis, according to a Foreign Ministry spokesman at a press briefing on Thursday.

Wang Wenbin, the spokesman, refuted certain countries’ accusations of misinformation against China, and said that China has always maintained an objective and fair stance on the Ukraine issue.

“Accusing China of spreading false information about Ukraine is in itself spreading false information. With an objective and just attitude, China has been working actively towards realizing cessation of hostilities, averting a humanitarian crisis and restoring peace and stability. We have always maintained that Ukraine should be a bridge for communication between the East and the West, not an outpost in major power rivalry,” Wang said. The spokesman urged European countries, the U.S. and NATO to engage in dialog with Russia over the current situation in Ukraine.

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“European countries should uphold the principle of strategic independence and work with Russia, Ukraine and other countries concerned to build a balanced, effective and sustainable European security architecture through dialogue and negotiation following the spirit of indivisible security. The US and NATO should also engage in dialogue with Russia to address the root cause of the Ukraine crisis,” Wang said.

The spokesman stressed calmness and rationality and underlined that restoring peace needs communication instead of coercion.

“What is needed to resolve the crisis is a cool head and a rational mind, not adding fuel to the fire. What is needed to restore peace is dialogue and communication, not pressure or coercion. What is needed to achieve lasting peace and stability is efforts to accommodate the legitimate security concerns of all parties, not moves to seek bloc confrontation and absolute security. China’s position is in line with the wishes of most countries. Time will prove that China’s position is on the right side of history, and all groundless accusations and suspicions against China are indefensible and will simply collapse,” Wang said.