Russia heads for the affiliation of the Ukraine

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This is evidenced by the following facts:

1. Statement by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who said that the Ukrainian leadership has missed its chance for a sovereign state.

“The main chance for Ukraine to exist within its own borders, to keep sovereign Ukraine, independent Ukraine, is have already missed,” she said at a briefing on Thursday, March 24.

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Thus, there is a statement that the country is falling apart and that Ukraine will no longer be within its own borders.

2. This is also evidenced by the statement of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka a week ago. Belarusian leader said that Kyiv should start negotiating if Ukraine does not want to lose statehood.

“Today it is still possible for the Ukraine and Russia to come to an agreement and for Zelensky to sign this agreement with Putin. If Zelensky does not agree to this, then, believe me, he will have to sign an act of surrender in a short time. Russia will not lose this war,” Lukashenka said during his interview for the Japanese TV channel TBS.

Suchwise, Lukashenka leaked information that Zakharova announced on March 24.

3. Statement by Oleg Tsarev, Ukrainian politician, who was in Moscow these days. This person is a supporter of the formation of Novorossiya and is thought by West to be the new president of the Ukraine.

On Thursday, March 24, he announced in his Telegram channel Moscow’s decision to create military-civilian administrations in the occupied territories, which will assume all the power of authority. He also urged to decide what will happen next with the Ukraine, and believes that “we must say that this has always been and will be Russian land and we are restoring sovereignty over this land.”

“If we say this, it will be clear what flags to go there with, what legislation to apply, it will be clear to Russian soldiers and Russian volunteers what to die for. And it will be clear to NATO that we will not give this land away to anyone. And it will be clear to Ukrainians that if we came to this land, then we will not leave it,” Tsarev said.

He urged Moscow to allow volunteers to participate in this military campaign. Right afterwards it was reported that the military registration and enlistment offices in the Chelyabinsk region began to officially help volunteers to go to the Ukraine. Thus, we can conclude that Tsarev passed off decisions which had already been taken.

4. Insiders in the Ukrainian Telegram channels who write about the Kremlin’s ultimatum to the Ukraine, which it did not comply with, therefore it will “lose the south.”

“We were given time to think, and if we continue to drag out the negotiations, the terms of the peace treaty will change. In particular, we were told that we will lose the south and Kharkiv, and Kyiv will be completely surrounded. That is why Zelensky said this, but at the moment the main condition remains the recognition of the DPR and LPR and Crimea, the non-bloc status of the country and the complete demilitarization of Ukraine,” the Resident Telegram channel said.

In what borders will Russia reunite with Ukraine?

Belarusian political scientist Aleksey Dzermant sees the future of Ukraine this way:

  1. DPR and LPR stay within the boundaries of the regions as independent states with a short-term perspective of becoming part of Russia;
  2. Novorossia is an independent state with the borderline from Bessarabia to the borders of the DPR and LPR with a medium-term perspective of becoming part of Russia or as part of the Federal Ukraine, allied Russia and Belarus;
  3. Federative Ukraine, allied to Russia and Belarus, is the entire central part of the country with its capital in Kyiv and the western part, including Galicia and Transcarpathia;
  4. If Federal Ukraine does not come out with a maximum in the west, then western Ukraine is separate, perhaps Volhynia and Podillya are under the joint control of Russia and Belarus, and separately only historical Galicia is neutral and demilitarized, the expert wrote in his Telegram channel.


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