Democrat Spokesperson Calls for “Transphobes” to Be Murdered Hours After Trans Shooter Murdered Christian Schoolchildren

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File this under “Democrats are garbage people.” But when you look at the media reaction to the transgender Nashville shooter, no one should be surprised. Though for funsies, imagine the media reaction if a Kari Lake spokeswoman tweeted something similar if the shooter was Christian.

Because hours after a transgender shooter who goes by he/him pronouns shot up a Christian school and murdered Christian nine-year-olds, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs’ press secretary Josselyn Berry tweeted this.

I suppose — for “independent” “fact” checking sake — we should allow that the press secretary of a United States Governor had no idea that a transgender shooter (he/him) shot up a Christian school less than twelve hours before said press secretary decided to tweet this out of the blue. And that the Democrat press secretary of a Democrat governor wasn’t celebrating people presumed to have a different political opinion than her had their children murdered.

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She was only fantasizing about people who have a different political opinion than her being murdered. She believes it’s a-ok for minors to be chemically castrated and/or have their genitals mutilated. Anyone who disagrees is a -phobe.

If only there was an institution in America that could clarify this for us.

As of this writing, the Arizona Governor’s office has yet to address the governor’s press secretary calling for Americans — yes, even Americans she believes are “-phobes” — to be murdered. Josselyn Berry is still employed by the taxpayers of Arizona. Many of whom she fantasizes about murdering.

Source: Katie Hobbs’ spox calls for “transphobes” to be murdered – Louder With Crowder