US Transgender Space Force Officer Says ‘Inclusion Is a National Security Imperative’

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A top “transgender” officer of the U.S. Space Force claimed that “inclusion is a national security imperative.”

Active duty astronautical engineer and Space Force Lt. Col. Bree Fram, who is also the president of SPARTA, an organization that advocates and educates about transgender military service, has been tapped by Biden’s Pentagon to lead space policy integration for the Department of the Air Force.

In October remarks at Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women” conference, Fram claimed that the U.S. military’s main focus should be on inclusion and diversity.

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“We fight today and we are going to fight in the future using brain power. And if that brain who’s going to revolutionize the way we fight in space, we fight in cyber, just happens to be in a trans body, you should want them all serving alongside me,” Fram said.

“Those perspectives that we get from a diverse set of individuals…regarding the science behind high-performing teams, we need those perspectives. But it’s inclusion that actually drives that.”

“So for us, it is absolutely critical to drive our future success as an organization and potentially on the battlefield. We can’t leave that talent that’s going to revolutionize business behind,” he added.

Users on social media, however, had an entirely different take on men pretending to be women taking leading roles in the U.S. military amid growing geopolitical tensions with China and Russia.

If the military actually cared about diverse viewpoints, perhaps they shouldn’t have discharged thousands of service members who refused to receive the experimental COVID vaccine for religious or ethical reasons.

It remains a mystery as to why military recruitment numbers are at record lows.