Italy, Eastern European Countries Reject EU’s Radical New Homosexual Declaration

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Italy under Giorgia Meloni joined Hungary, Croatia, and other European countries in resisting a new pro-LGBT EU statement pushing for so-called ‘inclusive policies’ that promote homosexuality and transgenderism.

On May 17, the European Union released a statement by the High Representative on behalf of the EU for the so-called “International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia.” It was a declaration of the new Western values, calling on countries everywhere to “focus on fighting inequalities and multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination” to ensure that “justice” will “apply to everyone regardless of their actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.” 

The EU further declared that

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On IDAHOT Day, and every day, we call on governments around the world to repeal discriminatory legislation, take action to tackle and eliminate hate crimes and hate speech, prevent all forms of violence against LGBTI persons [sic], and tackle structural and institutional barriers and biases that still limit the participation of LGBTI persons [sic] in decision-making and political processes… The EU continues to work with partners on inclusive laws and policies. 

At this point, internationally recognized “LGBT awareness periods” occupy much of the calendar year, making up a sort of post-Christian liturgical cycle. May 19 is “Agender Pride Day”; April 6 is “International Asexuality Day” (in which everyone presumably leaves each other alone); September 16-22 is “Bisexual Awareness Week,” followed by “Celebrate Bisexuality Day” on September 23; October 17-24 is “Genderfluid Visibility Week,” and July 19 is “Drag Day.” There are 26 internationally recognized “LGBT awareness” days (or weeks), with some countries having plenty of domestic days as well. Canada has moved from a four-week “Pride Month” to a four-month “Pride Season.” Federally funded, of course. 

Notably, not all EU countries signed off on the recent declaration of fealty and obeisance to the LGBT agenda. Nine countries refused to sign, including more conservative countries such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, and Lithuania, but also Slovakia, the Czech Republic and, most surprisingly, Italy. The decision provoked fury amongst Italian LGBT activists and left-wing politicians, who launched protests against the Meloni government over the decision. (Press reports referred to these protests as “widespread,” but this seems to be an exaggeration intended to pressure the government rather than a report on reality.) 

The declaration, although non-binding, was significant, as it was essentially a promise from the signatory states to, as one outlet noted, work on “implementing national strategies for LGBTQ+ people [sic] and appointing a new EU Commissioner for Equality following the upcoming EU parliamentary elections.” The declaration is, undoubtedly, a coup for the LGBT activists in Brussels, and thus the dissident countries faced enormous opprobrium. Family Minister Eugene Rocella, however, defended her government’s position in an interview with Il Messaggero. 

Rocella stated that everyone can choose who to “have sexual relations with.” “But the freedom to ‘be who you want to be’ advocated in the document is an ideological constraint and a denial of reality because the reality of the body and sexual affiliation cannot be changed to the end,” she added. In short, Meloni’s government has realized what other politicians have been slower to identify – that the LGBT movement is demanding that even biological boundaries be eliminated in law. 

“I think the so-called gender binarism should continue to apply: There are women, and there are men,” Rocella noted. “We want to preserve the anthropology on which parenthood and the continuity of humanity are based because if you abolish men and women, parenthood also changes, and you shouldn’t be surprised if no more children are conceived.” While Rocella stated that the Meloni government has no problem with people getting “sex change” surgeries if they choose, they are not willing to accept gender ideology wholesale.  

“They are trying to deny not only biology but also the body, which is based on the gender difference between men and women,” Rocella concluded. She’s right, and the outrage of LGBT activists indicates that they are concerned about this expression of common sense. In an increasing number of European countries, the transgender movement’s advance has been halted after a decade of nearly unimpeded progress and the colonization of wide swathes of the calendar. Perhaps Italy’s opting out is a sign of things to come.  

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