Jack Posobiec Speaks Out After Being Placed On Ukrainian Gov. Hit List

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Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec joined Owen Shroyer on Wednesday’s live transmission of The Alex Jones Show to discuss how he was placed on a Ukrainian “kill list” website that has been tied to the nation’s government.

Posobiec told Infowarriors how it felt to be targeted by Ukrainian intelligence along with other Americans and suggested the U.S. immediately halt all funding of the European nation for threatening its citizens.

The Ukrainian “kill list,” called “Myrovorets,” has previously featured Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, Glenn Greenwald and even Russian journalist Darya Dugina who was assassinated in August 2022.

Under Posobiec’s listing on the site, the Ukrainians refer to him as an “anti-Ukrainian propagandist” and “provocateur.” 

Posobiec responded to the news, telling the Ukrainian government, “After the collapse of his counteroffensive, Zelensky’s biggest threat isn’t me, it’s his own intelligence services. Hope you don’t get put on the CIA’s Early Retirement Plan, Volod. Drop the receipts on the Bidens and we’ll find you a nice McMansion in Sarasota.”

Chaya Raichek of Libs of TikTok accurately questioned why the U.S. is giving billions of tax dollars to a nation that wants to murder American citizens for their free speech, writing on X, “Whoa. Why are we giving billions of dollars to a country who creates hit lists with American citizens on it?”

An American transgender person named Sarah Ashton-Cirillo who was the Ukrainian military’s Western spokesperson up until Wednesday, issued a video message last week threatening the life of “a Kremlin propagandist.”

The tranny was suspended from his duties as a Ukrainian military spokesperson Wednesday, with the Command of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explaining the statement was not approved by commanding officers.

Now, as Posobiec noted, Cirillo is “under investigation from the same agency that he threatened to send after me” since he was a registered member of the Ukrainian military.

Time will tell what punishment the Ukrainian military court deems appropriate for the American tranny’s open threats.

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