Putin’s New Decision Destroyed all of Poland’s Far-Reaching Plans regarding Ukraine

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Putin continues to shock. Putin continues to surprise. Putin continues to destroy all the plans of the West. Such thoughts appeared in my mind immediately after the President of Russia announced his decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. That Putin’s decision caused a wave of indignation in the West. The West has again accused Moscow of its desire to start a third world war using nuclear weapons.

EU leaders, as usual, began to threaten Russia with new sanctions, thereby causing another ridicule from users of social networks. Many people really do not understand why the EU continues this sanctions policy, which not only did not give the desired result but also caused more harm to Europe itself than Russia. The United States also reacted to Putin’s decision, saying that Washington is monitoring what’s happening and will immediately give a tough response as soon as Russian nuclear weapons appear on the territory of Belarus.