Shocking Study! – Vaxxed Lose 25 Years of Life! – Government Data Confirms!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recently compiled government data by the Expose news site showing charts based on statistics proving that the heavily injected lose around 25 years of life span if they’re lucky enough to even make it that far.

Data shows that every years, despite the level of injections people take going down due to people catching on to the propaganda, excess deaths go up dramatically as all forms of mortality are sped up. We recently reported on the government data out of Australia showing the excess deaths in 2022 were 5162% higher than previous years. It has become apparent that this is only just beginning. In the recent study based on government data out of Cleveland, if the average age of a man is around 80 years if he’s unvaxxed, the rate that vaxxed deaths are growing in comparison to unvaxxed, someone who’s had 4 or 5 shots and are 30 years old today can expect to live to 55 at the oldest. This shocking data should lead to severe criminal prosecutions but of course it will not, any time soon.