South Korea’s Genuine Protests Were Ignored by The West While Iran’s Fake “Protests” Are Praised

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South Korea’s Genuine Protests Were Ignored by The West While Iran’s Fake “Protests” Are Praised 

 (A Russia Truth exclusive article by Adam Garrie)

Beginning in late 2016 and stretching well into 2017, millions of South Koreans engaged in seemingly unending protests against the Presidency of Park Geun-hye.

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President Park who herself is the daughter of the infamous South Korean dictator Park Chung-hee, showed the world that when it came to a blind adherence to extremist US authored foreign policy, the apple did not fall far from the tree.

At a time when most South Koreans favour policies of peace, reconciliation and de-escalation with the DPRK, Park authorised the delivery of an unlimited amount of US weapons to Korean soil. She was later exposed to have worked with her intelligence service, the NIS, on plans to illegally assassinate the leader of North Korea, something which would have triggered a wider regional war that could have quickly gone nuclear.

It later emerged that Park conspired with elements of the NIS to rig the 2012 Presidential elections, which would have otherwise been won by the more peace-minded and moderate Moon Jae-in. This was just one of the multiple scandals that brought South Koreans onto the streets this year and the year before, calling for peaceful regime change against a corrupt extremist leader, who was later exposed as having no democratic legitimacy in the first place.

Eventually, Park was impeached and removed from office. She now languishes in prison and will be tried for her crimes against the country.

While the protests lasted for months, on a single day alone, in November of 2016, over 1 million Koreans filled the streets of Seoul demanding Park’s regime be removed from power.

In spite of the massive numbers of genuine protesters and the mounting evidence against Park which no one could responsibly dispute as authentic, there was little coverage of the protests in western media (both alt and mainstream). When western media did report on the events, they tended to portray the protests as a kind of K-pop style street party rather than months of rage and disgust aimed at a corrupt and militant leader who most Koreans could not wait to get rid of.

But there was no talk of “the world is watching” from Barack Obama nor Donald Trump when it came to South Korea. Likewise, there were no US State Department press releases connoting the phrase “regime change” as a desired outcome of the protests. Such words are uniquely reserved for countries like Iran.

Over the last two days, small but worrying “protests” have filled the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities, coinciding simultaneously with Zionist media reporting that Washington and Tel Aviv have devised a new plan to “counter” and destabilise Iran.

There are some people naive enough not to see the connection between the publication of such reports and the seditious movements of small groups of agitators in Iran. The reality is that the staged “protests” are the first phase of the US and “Israel” implementing their illegal conspiracy against Iran.

As in the past, the events in Iran are being largely organised by the US, “Israel” and so-called NGOs and “non-profit organisations” whose goal is to promote and ultimately reinstall the reactionary, corrupt and gold drenched Pahlavi family, whose last period in power saw them spending Iran’s national wealth on palaces designed for hosting alcohol soaked parties—parties to which many foreigners and hardly any Iranians were invited.

The US and “Israel” are simply trying to provoke Iran with fake protests which are designed to stoke common concerns about price inflation( which is a concern not only in Iran but in the US, Japan, most of Europe and just about everywhere else in the world) in order to create a more wide reaching violent and seditious movement.

Make no mistake, these “protests” while small in number, are nothing more than a foreign backed operation designed to topple Iran and destroy the Islamic Revolution in the name of the Pahlavi family who seek to once again own Iran as if it was their private property and once again go back to the days of open theft coupled with an embarrassing pro-Zionist foreign policy.

Yet if one were to listen to the western media and politicians like Donald Trump, it is as if the “protests” are some sort of genuine movement in the name of….God knows what…they haven’t been specific in this regard.

When South Koreans had actual protests which numbered into the MILLIONS, the west said nothing. Yet when a few stooges of the Zionist regime and the CIA fill the streets of Iran, all of the sudden the fangs of the west become exposed. Likewise, far too many in alt-media seem all too happy to support a reactionary, US and Zionist backed attempt to replace an Iranian Revolution based on equality, social justice, dignity and scientific progress, with an old haggard royalist regime whose ethos is predicated on self-indulgence, corruption, blind adherence to the Zionist agenda and a total disregard for the needs of the people.

The schism between how the west viewed very real protests in South Korea versus how they excite themselves to the point of frenzy over small and inauthentic “protests” in Iran is shocking but not surprising.

South Korea is after all a historic partner of the US while Iran has helped to fight US and Zionist backed Takfiri terrorism throughout the Middle East. Iran has helped to virtually destroy groups like ISIS (Daesh) and how does the west reward them? The west rewards Iran with a small package of illegal regime change disguised as a popular movement—one that will ultimately fail and fail miserably.

This shows you what the west really wants, not just for Iran but for the wider world.