Syria: ‘U.S. Looted Our Oil After Airstrikes’ | ‘Difficult For Israel…’ – U.S. Secretly Pleading Hamas For Gaza Pause

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Syria has accused US forces of looting oil days after Washington conducted aerial strikes in the country in response to the Jordan attack. Sana news outlet reported that US occupation troops looted 60 crude oil tankers in the northeastern Jazira region. Syrian media also claimed that US troops transported the oil to Iraqi military bases through illegal border crossings

Qatari government-affiliated source Dr. Azmi Bishara told the Qatari news agency al-Arabi that the U.S. is trying to convince Hamas, through the Qatari and Egyptian mediators, that it will be difficult for Israel to resume fighting in Gaza after a long pause, Haaretz reported. This as Hamas is yet to respond to Paris proposal for the release of hostages and pause in fighting in Gaza strip