The Western-Backed Foreign-Based Belarusian Opposition Is Plotting Territorial Revisions

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For as impossible as their plans are to implement, they still expose America, Germany, and Poland’s strategic intentions, which are worth raising awareness of.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warned late last week about the Western-backed foreign-based opposition’s planned territorial revisions. According to him, they’re plotting to cede the western half of the country to Poland in exchange for parts of western Russia in the event that the West defeats the latter in their proxy war in Ukraine. Poland used to control that land during the interwar period while the short-lived Belarusian state that emerged after World War I claimed several Russian regions.

KGB Chairman Ivan Tertel told national media in mid-December that his country was bracing for Belgorod-like terrorist incursions from Poland, which has a history of waging Hybrid War against Belarus. The previous conservative-nationalist government tried to orchestrate a Color Revolution there in summer 2020 and then hosted some of the Western-backed opposition afterwards once that failed. The new liberal-globalist one has continued that policy despite subordinating Poland to Germany.

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Before Berlin-backed Donald Tusk returned to power, the prior authorities envisaged restoring Poland’s long-lost Great Power status by creating a sphere of influence in Central & Eastern Europe through the “Three Seas Initiative”. This includes Ukraine and Belarus, particularly their western halves that were under Warsaw’s control during the interwar period and where the Poland has a centuries-long civilizational legacy, but this plan will now become a part of Germany’s “Fortress Europe” instead.

About that, Germany recently resumed its superpower trajectory, which required suborning and subordinating Poland in a remix of what the late Zbigniew Brzezinski claimed that Russia must to do to Ukraine in order become an empire. The US supports this since it needs someone to share the burden for containing Russia in Europe while it “Pivots (back) to Asia” to contain China. Given these geostrategic shifts, Poland’s latest Hybrid War aggression against Belarus can be regarded as a German-approved plot.

Instead of restoring Poland’s Great Power status, after which it would balance between Germany and Russia in order to create a third pole of power allied with the US for divide-and-rule purposes, these planned territorial revisions would strengthen German hegemony. American strategists concluded that it’s better for them to have a German superpower contain Great Power Russia than for Germany to remain a Great Power allied with a new Polish Great Power for jointly containing Russia.  

This explains Washington’s support for Berlin’s subjugation of Warsaw while also accounting for why all of them are continuing the previous government’s Hybrid War on Belarus. To be clear, the likelihood of Russia losing its proxy war with NATO in Ukraine is nil, thus meaning that it’s only an academic exercise to imagine Belarusian-centric territorial revisions. Nevertheless, the Western-backed and foreign-based opposition’s plans expose those three’s strategic intentions, which are worth raising wider awareness of.

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