US NSA uses cyber attacker ‘QUANTUM’ to hijack global netizens, particularly targeting China

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Following the release of the report on the indiscriminate cyberattack launched by the US National Security Agency’s APT-C-40 group over the past decade or so, the cybersecurity company named 360 recently disclosed in full the technical features of “Quantum”, the most powerful cyber weapon used by the NSA to attack targets in China mentioned in the report. Do you have any further comment?

Wang Wenbin: I noted relevant reports. The latest revelation shows that “Quantum” is an advanced cyber hijacking tool that the NSA has specially designed for attacking state-level Internet. The US can use this technology to attack all Internet users browsing US websites such as Twitter, YouTube, Amazon as well as Chinese social media applications. This means no matter who you are and where you are, Big Brother is probably watching you whenever you log on to a social media platform. 

In recent years, the US has proposed to build the so-called “Clean Network”, has been brewing the so-called “Alliance for the Future of the Internet”, and has used cyber capacity building as a pretext to strengthen cybersecurity cooperation with many countries. However, as the report reveals, many countries the US works with are also targets of its cyberattacks. As we can see from exposed operations such as “Dirtbox”, “PRISM”, “Irritant Horn” and “Telescreen”, the US doesn’t even spare its allies and partners in its global cyber surveillance and attacks. In this sense, the so-called “Clean Network” is nothing but a mirage to camouflage US surveillance and cyber theft across the globe and an “invisibility cloak” to conceal its true face as the “empire of hacking”. 

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We once again urge the US to act responsibly in cyberspace and stop cyber theft and attacks on China and the rest of the world. The US should implement the framework that it insists all other states abide by. 

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