Vax Mass Murder Agenda Ramps Up – Boston University created new strain of Covid-19 with 80% kill rate

The elite are preparing for a mass death event

Researchers at Boston University have created a new strain of Covid-19 that has an 80% kill rate in humanized mice.

Essentially, after an estimated 20 million people have died so far and 2.2 Billion have been injured by the covid vaccines, American virologists at Boston University are making chimeric SARS viruses more deadly.

The Deagel forecast has predicted global depopulation of 50-80% by 2025.

Deagel’s forecast is shrouded in mystery as to its use by the government.

But WikiLeaks documents revealed that it was legitimately used as reference material in a Stratfor report on the technological capabilities of the North People’s Republic of Korea.

America is under attack.

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