German MEP Urges Citizens Worldwide To Peacefully Disobey COVID Tyranny

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German European Parliament member Christine Anderson told the group this week she’d continue fighting for the freedoms of people across the globe, but asked that in-return citizens everywhere peacefully reject the incoming wave of Covid mandates and lockdowns.

Anderson said, “It’s all coming back. The first countries are already starting about talking mask mandates in Israel. I’ve heard of a few universities in the United States. They’re already bringing it all back, and I would really like for you, the people, to not go along. Simply say no. They want you to wear a mask? Say no. They want you to put in another mRNA shot? Say no. They want to impose a curfew on you? Say no.”

“That’s really all you have to do,” she told humanity. “That may sound hard, but it’s not that hard. Because, once you’ve made it clear to them that you will no longer go along, once you let them know they cannot scare you anymore. Because as long as you’re afraid of what they might do if you don’t comply, they have power over you. Take the power away from them. Simply say no. Once you do that, they don’t have power over you anymore.”

Anderson added that with everything that has taken place in the past three years, the people of the world would be within their rights to tell authoritarian governments “to screw themselves and go to Hell” where they belong.

Dr. Peter McCullough also spoke at the European Parliament meeting, telling the group about Covid-19’s escape from the Wuhan, China, biolab, the deadly Covid mRNA jabs and Big Pharma’s influence on global health policies.

Watch the moment Anderson channelled Alex Jones during a European Parliament speech:

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